Height increasing shoes for men

Welcome to Soy Alto, your height increasing shoes shop. Elevator shoes made in Spain and Italy, quality at best price.

Why not gain some height in a discreet way?

You don’t have to be short to want to look taller, because some extra inches makes us slender, and of course, it makes everyone looks much better! From this need we created our business; a shop specialized in height increasing shoes for men. Thousands of satisfied customers have trusted us since our opening in 2009. Used by movie stars, singers, politicians and many other celebrities, who want to feel more self-confident and also be seen even more stylish.



Soy Alto it’s a trademark registered in May 2012 and markets elevator shoes since then.  They are regular appearance shoes, but with an imperceptible lift placed inside. We tried to put a huge variety of men’s elevator shoes at your disposal in our online shop. From ceremony shoes to sport shoes, you will gain about 2-3 inches. Great! Isn’t it?

In Soy Alto you will find footwear of our own brand, and another brands as well, we want to bring into market a high quality product, made out of fine leather and also with a wide price range. Apart from the online shop for worldwide disposal, Soy Alto has a bricks and mortar shop in Torremolinos, Málaga. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any doubt or question.

Phone number  +34 607 950 754        E-mail: info@pemaliyo.com

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